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The currency of the academic world is the scholarly paper. Publishing one’s ideas and work extends from academics to the world at large. A written document is viewed as the culmination of research, study and design. Written documents are the history of our creative thinking.

How did it happen then that so much of our research and studies are published in journals that are so highly priced that they are scarcely affordable?

How did the current state of scholarly journal publication come to be? Tenure and promotion requires the publication of papers. The federal government sponsors the research and the universities pay the faculty and graduate students. Faculty editors work to manage the journals and recruit faculty papers with faculty refereeing, all with no remuneration. Then commercial and professional publishers charge huge subscriptions to libraries and faculty to read the journal. All profits go to the publishers. It is hard to believe, but this is essentially how scholarly publishing works today!

So why another group of journals? We are developing a series of e-journals that will be free of charge to the reader. The scholarship will be of the highest level, requiring refereeing to the highest standards. Being web-based journals, the authors can place a vast repository of information as a resource to the interested reader. Such resources may be simulations, videos, other graphics, data sets, and even the ability to modify parameters and “play with the model.” The technology will determine what can be offered. Financial support for these e-journals will come from advertisers who are eager to present their products to such a highly professional, talented, and financially able group of readers.

Our premier e-journals will be in the following disciplines:

Chaos & Nonlinear Dynamics,

Space Development,,

Nanotechnology, and

Applied Probability.

Each e-journal will have its own distinguished editorial board, and all manuscripts will be submitted in HTML format and refereed via the Internet. Publication will be via the Resonance Publications Science and Technology Portal at https://www.resonance-pub.com. All items published are copyright protected, and owned by Resonance Publications, Inc

Any questions or comments are welcome. Please contact HaymBenaroya@resonance-pub.com for additional information. Thank you for your interest.

Call for Papers:

Resonance Publications is pleased to issue its first Call for Papers for its first two of a series of new electronic journals:

Solar System Development Journal

Uncertainties in Engineering Mechanics.

Manuscripts are to be submitted in a readable form as an attachment. The easiest way to create a universally readable attachment is to use Adobe Acrobat. Most word processing software, including scientific word processors, can save a document as a PDF file, which is then easily e-mailed and read. Alternatives include HTML. The key criterion is that the format be easily accessible and that the quality of the document be first-rate. Additional instructions are available for manuscripts that have been accepted for publication.

Our intent is to publish papers of the highest quality. Manuscripts submitted for review should not have been submitted simultaneously elsewhere, and should be about matters that have not been published elsewhere in similar form. We look forward to publishing papers that make full use of the capabilities of the Internet and digital formats.

Send all manuscripts and correspondence to the Managing Editor, who will then forward these to an Editorial Board member for refereeing. Our aim is to review all manuscripts in a timely manner. Of course, some manuscripts require more time than others do for a rigorous review. But, you have our word on an honest and useful review. There will be at least two reviews, in addition to any comments by the Editor.

The Managing Editor has overall responsibility for the operation of the e-journal and, in conjunction with the Editorial Board, for maintaining the highest standards of scholarship or commercial applicability, and integrity.

Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts submitted for review should be double spaced and easy to read. Formatting is up to the discretion of the author. Since all transactions are to be made via e-mail, it is suggested that manuscripts be submitted in a format that is readily accessible, for example, PDF or HTML formats.

Resonance Publications’ e-journals are intended to be published online as quickly as the review process allows. Authors will be responsible for proofing, copy-editing and formatting their final manuscripts, although the Managing Editor will also scan for high editorial quality. In order to ease this burden, we have adopted the style guide offered by the Journal of Sound and Vibration. These instructions are provided at the following web site: https://www.academicpress.com/www/journal/sv/JSVLaTeXFP.htm.

We will work with the authors on appropriate pagination as papers are accepted for publication. As a dedicated e-journal, we are pioneering this mode of scholarly publication, and therefore appreciate your patience and understanding as we define our system. Final papers in the appropriate format will need to be converted into PDF format using Adobe Acrobat, with guidance available at the following site: https://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/main.html. HTML format is also an option as long as all symbols and mathematics appears in the highest standards. We will endeavor to utilize the best publishing tools available.

We highly recommend using Scientific Workplace for all scientific document preparation. More information is available at https://www.mackichan.com.

Please address any further questions to the Managing Editor. We look forward to working with you.