The Solar System Development Journal

Aims & Scope of Resonance Publications’ e-journal

The Solar System Development Journal is an archival journal devoted to documenting the efforts of the private and public sectors to expand the human domain of activity to space, the Moon and asteroids, and the planets in the Solar System. Papers that are encouraged will couple cost and reliability to all technical discussions and proposals. The Journal will become an archival source of information and ideas for those who develop policy, for space entrepreneurs, and for practitioners.

The scope of the Journal will include launch technologies and costs, orbital platforms for science and commerce, orbital cities, asteroid resource recovery, lunar and Mars colonization, and interplanetary exploration. The financing of such ventures is of paramount interest. Cost, quality and reliability are coupled and need to be the foundation for all discussion.

As an e-journal of archival quality, all published papers will be of scholarly and professional quality. To ensure this standard, all manuscripts will be refereed by acknowledged experts and revised to a very high standard. Authors can place a vast repository of information, such as simulations, videos, other graphics and data sets, as a resource to the interested reader. Controversy and disagreement will be encouraged, but such innovative manuscripts must have well-developed ideas with strong arguments that will convince the reader that they are potentially realistic and viable, both financially and technically.

Letters to the Editor will be encouraged and those published will be held to the same high standards as archival papers. Such letters should supplement a paper by bringing additional information to the reader, either in terms of support, or, in opposition to the thesis of the paper. Occasional review papers, tutorials, and interviews will also be solicited and published.

The Journal will have a Managing Editor and an Editorial Board. All communications will be via e-mail using attachments. Access to the published papers will be free to the reader, and include advertiser support. Copyright information and forms are provided elsewhere.

Premier Issue: Spring 2001.

Resonance Publications, Inc.

For additional information, contact Managing Editor, Haym Benaroya,

The following files are available in pdf format for downloading:

Near Earth Objects As Resources For Space Industrialization

Mark Sonter


Prospects Of Commercial Activities At A Lunar Base

Haym Benaroya


David M. Livingston